Wem: Company bringing superfast internet to Wem


WEM residents will benefit from improved broadband thanks to recent work by a telecommunications company in the city.

Fiber Heroes, part of Full Fiber Limited, helps bring unlimited, super-fast internet to Wem and hopes to reach everyone in the city.

The company also hopes to end the poor network connection faced by many people in rural areas and bridge the digital divide between them and cities.

Jordan Rousell, Senior Director of Marketing for Full Fibre, said the company wants to experience stress-free fiber optic broadband.

He added: “Fibre Heroes has made unlimited, superfast internet a viable option for thousands of Wem residents, with the goal of reaching everyone in the city.

“Offering a range of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the wholesale network provider has created choice for local residents when it comes to their Internet connection.

“All customers can count on consistent ultra-fast broadband, thanks to Fiber Heroes.

“It’s time to say goodbye to poor network connection and the dreaded loading wheel when streaming games and movies.

“This latest announcement means thousands of people can enjoy fiber optic broadband without the stress.”

FullFibre National Construction Manager Dan Jones said the technology would be beneficial.

He said: “Fiber Heroes was created as a network provider to connect underserved cities, helping to improve and potentially modernize the local attractions and societies that cities like Wem are known for.

“Wem is one of many towns we are excited to reach with the hope that new technology will improve community connections and daily life.”

You can find out more about the work of Fiber Heroes by visiting https://www.fibreheroes.co.uk/


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